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Are you really in control of your thoughts?

Are you really in control of your thoughts? How important are your thoughts anyway? What are the prominent thoughts in your day to day life? Your reality is created by your beliefs, which are the results of a lifetime of experiences and messages you take in from the outside world  read more >>

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I met an eligible man

As a relationship specialist, Lori helped me to focus on and realize my requirements for a life partner. Our on-going positive dialogue has given me the tools and confidence to attract men in a positive way, and successfully build a lasting relationship I have now met a highly eligible man and am enjoying a significant relationship which is so much more satisfying than anything in years.  Regardless of the outcome of this relationship, I am now making empowered choices that give me a new sense of being in control of my romantic destiny.”  Lisa

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30 Minutes That Will Change Your Life
Do you want to take your relationship to the next level? Are you ready for the life together that you... [Read more ...]